Welcome to my website.  I hope that you find what you are looking for and that I can support your work in some way. I love working with children and I am eager to advocate for their enormous intelligence, resilience and imagination.

My goal is to share my understandings with teachers about the numerous playful, meaningful and creative ways whereby we can support children to become all they have the potential to be. Young children are not, for me, in the waiting room of life. Rather, they are in the very heart and crucible of life,  driven by an innate determination to explore, research and investigate (play) in order to learn all there is to learn.

My main passions centre around the  power of storytelling to support emotional and oral literacy; the importance of play to facilitate learning; and also  the paradox of praise, meaning that I experience concern about the  way the ‘good boy, good girl’ syndrome can unwittingly undermine a child’s integrity and his/her powerful urge to learn and explore their working theories.

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